nurd thug

by RowLow

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a wild inter-dimensional hip hop ride of rap hilarity, technological genius, and sociopolitical awareness. RowLow presents the 'nurd thug' LP brought to you from the future.


released January 3, 2015

RowLow, Tall Josh, A2Artist, sbeatz-, Devin Almy, BEATNUKK, Sega



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


RowLow Palm Desert, California

RowLow is from the future of our multiverse

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Track Name: pumas on my feet [thunder cat]
pumas on my feet call me thunder cat (i got)
pumas on my feet call me thunder cat X4

the thunder cat is hear whiskers flexin turnin gears [sega]
12 inch woofer in my sentra amp is pioneer [nissan]
made in china shades
trappin stussy lemonade [stussy]
quicksilver taste but no fear is how I'm paid [roxy]

passions always rise in my apple genius DzAys
now i'm google glass in yo face wit my droid hackin ways
airwalk roller blades can't catch cases cuz i'm craze
bitches fix yo face before u play in my buffet


windows xp how i slide on the mac tho it's mountain lion
moringa leaf drinkin iPad by my side
x is blue b is red and believe dat yellows y [xbox]
Heisenberg excavate the westside
leo heart libra face scorpio mind
take yo gold wit my magnet flow low tide
crash yo server with a ddos attack down in no time


billabong reppin countin lego's wit my puma's on
haterz KIP i'm thunder cat yo thong is hong kong
V.I.B.E. wit the tornado flow did u know that yo roof is gone
psychic strong when i shape shift this switch shit break bread til i'm grey poupon
flossin face on a trap tip
most these thugs is actin
but i'm nerd thug trappin
skys is clear and yes i am yo captain
you can call it crunch time
soda wit a splash of lime
don't spill on my pumas or else it's nursery rhyme

Track Name: #datass
you know i'm gettin cash i'll hashtag dat ass
you know i'm livin fast i'll hashtag dat ass
if you don't let me smash i'll hashtag dat ass

Hashtag dat ass while i smash in dat cut
iain't smoking right now but i got the cops rolling blunts
50 yard line wit the presence in the front boy we stunt
haters dripping salty like ice cream in palm springs
fits me then i where it get my gear at hot topic
i pop it never growin up snapchat i'm a locksmith
feelin so great gotta 8 life path contemplate twitter moves
while i'm takin mud baths I'm so fast 11 terabytes per second investment
doc emit brown gave me 88 assessments if she choose to swallow then i'm testing her intestines. this the 1st amendment i bend it strippers on the pole but i'm in da office doin tech support just need a few more circuits then i teleport

hash tag dat ass
you no we gettin dat cash?
you know we livin pretty fast on dat swang game doe what it is
makin dat trap hit from the back
cybernetic gear travel light years spaceship over there
girly wit the ombre hair
now i'm slipping down the water slide hit the bottom then i splash
look around and cried when i saw dat ass!!!
Track Name: awerica
americans have been enslaved by a public school
system and media that constantly fools
tellin em the reasons for these wars and assassinations aren’t for the fuel.
the us claims to bring democracy into the conquered lands they haven't;
the usual result of a us overthrow is the imposition of a dictatorship dammit,
and they pretend to save the people from a cruel oppressor,
but it’s just an excuse for invasion dressed up
and assassinations are just perpetrations of an imagination gone nuts
the real agenda is basic.
its enslavement of the people by the creation of a false sense of an obligation.
that obligation is funny
cause the private central banking system, by design, always suffocates and creates more debt than money
private central banking is not science, it is a religion; a set of arbitrary rules made
to benefit the priesthood and defy us,
the fraud persists, with often lethal results,
cause the people are tricked there’s a cult
is this the way life’s supposed to be?
is this the way life’s supposed to be?
is this the way life’s supposed to be?
is this the way life’s supposed to be?
no alternative exists we shouldnt dream?
the same was true of the two previous systems of slavery,
‘rule by divine right’ both systems were designed for trickery
into obedience, and both of which are now completely obsolete
and the banks dont exist to serve the people
and the big banks don’t believe we’re equal
but there’s a little trick hidden in the evil
it only works as long as people allow themselves to believe that this is the way life is supposed to be fool!
i don’t know nothing i’m just a rapper that raps about stuff that i don’t know anything about and i’m so stupid i don’t know nothing i’m
(just ignore me just ignore me) just a rapper that raps about stuff that i don’t no nothing about im so stupid i don’t know
Track Name: wrinkly
drink another bottle
take another shot
you act like super models
but too bad you're not
that's a fact jack i tell it just like it is
you keep on drinkin' dat shit and you gon' end up wrinkly wrinkleeeeeeeeee

I'll be up on that ship 'til blast off
this is crack you cannot simply flip on yo gas stove
we reppin 99 while we dancin' slow
i'm on dat hockey puck you droppin' the seat
i popped it up
it's so simple keep drinkin and you get them wrinkles
its a official these bitches killin their potential
instragram aint confidential where's yo pencil write this shit down cuz yo drinkin is too detrimental its non essential you fuckin up yo fundamentals
Track Name: i'm pourin sauce ft. tall josh
I'm Pourin Sauce on Yo Software! Pulled up in the Normandy Bay D24 embassy Citadel trappin RowLow! Finally got me an Asari, Krogans tryna tryna Krogans tryna charge me pay no attention what we bout to do chopped and seared ahi wit a side of toffee saki got me walki talki fresh? Fresh! Fresh juice on Neptune's moon diggin up in the poon poon news room boba fett. YuH! So fresh so fresh like mr. clean. Rollin in the Hall of Fame COD Bullet proof Hater Vest wit an RPG i'm pourin sauce on yo Halo 3 Bubble Shield John Cena Can't see me 84 Delorean Mind Sweep catch me in the corner campin hella deep peak a boo noob tubin mother fuckers TOASTIE!!!
Track Name: odyssey 3333
i'm from the future...RowLow
family in a spaceship
reality in a spaceship
destiny in a spaceship
galaxy in a spaceship

[verse 1]:
I hyperextended my nueral input flexors plasma array from the retention nexus
double helix detected real time resolutions corrected manifold assesment gotta make accommodations for the spatial fluctuations spinning with independent Hydrogen meter circulations my gamma-ray exponentially increases while the deflected dimensional phasic anomaly essentially decreases as I switch on protected streamlined organic microbial Nano hack inhibitors activate the arbrital tectonic anomaly sweeper i gotta initiate the
statically charged blip stabilizer for
teleportation clone sequencing I devise a dithering spherical containment perception replication jump cylindrical container then i monitor the
atmospheric oxygen sensor but I better fire up the
photon propulsion thrusters ill transform their attack to power my arsenal of nanotech workers with my external radiation converter depleted uranium has no affect on my cranium cuz ill reroute the genetic dismemberment potential to a central essential service ventrical pumpin up my mental. my embedded magnetic translucent kinetic equipment translates phonetic blips from all of the other alien systems
alien systems

[verse 2]:
transmit that to the
olfactory cortex stimulation frontal lobic switched up vision manifestation as I transport my steptronic cybernetics coil particle acceleration fluctuation inhibitor chamber just to cause yo crafts hyperspace coolant mechanism fluid to labor im traversin the universes while you stuck in a carbon monoxide filled non merchant sector. im in a different galaxy every 11 seconds. passing into jump gates with hyperthreading precision plates
anomilous localization while the outer hull accommodates and acclimates to interstellar states of multi nuclietics everything is copacetic when we finally adjust to the new genetics the systematically thorough enhancements have no need for prosthetics ill tap into the archived akashic server then I merge to perserve it. when I disconnect I refresh a holographic projection of an extinct species code correction through a genome lithograph to populate a planetary echo system in a nanosecond. the memories encoded with hypertext subliminal inception filters the sequential Fibonacci analyzer scans sectors for wormhole surprises my retrofitted ergonomic particle beam centralizer centers my focus beyond complex binary equipment in the distance in the distance.
i'm from the future...RowLow
Track Name: smartphone
bump this song yeah in yo smart phone i ain't got a smart phone but I don't want one cuz I do these songs for you so you can bump this song
get the feeling in the funny bone when you download the song in a smart phone or a ring tone doing it all the time so fresh man yeah my name is RowLow I'm a great investment hater proof vest attached to my chest and hater tipped bullets always get deflected yes I made this beat switchin up the steez Tweet tweet tweet I'm a jerk not a dweeb yarra mean you know the song is dope why cuz my name RowLow and I got the flows that are magical because it's the futuristic flow that will hit you in the dome if you just catch the download correctly man don't test me I said I will bless thee

I'm a nerd not a geek I'm a jerk not a dweeb
A ring tone this song a ringtone
Bump this in your smart phone bump this in your smart

brrrr you got a call man forget to call just listen to the song song
Because I put it on ***backwards code*** your panties put them on or take them off either way girl it's official dude homie listen to this track and then get a blister on your thumb from playing Xbox to it because you just ruined to fools on that Halo tip listen to this shit it's legitimate I keep going I don't ever stop don't ever quit man RowLow is free styling on the last verse for you so you can put it in your car or in your purse wooo I think my girl just came home so that's what's up imma get off this track and let you hit up with this chorus cuh and you're a lizard and I'm the best lyrical wizard
Track Name: i play video games
when i first got a sega genesis i was like out of my mother f*kin mind
i couldnt believe how my mom could afford it and even better that it was all mine
dream came true ran around the house screamin
opened up the packaging and my eyes gleamin
now i got somethin to do every weekend
graphics are way better than ninten...dooo
sonic n knuckles ‘ll go so fast across the sceen
better get ready for more
switch up the game plug in ya brain
and get ready for the yoga flame yoga fire
it’s incredible that i’m able to play and never tired
i’ll be Ryu you’ll be Ken and dat Hadouken!!
[chorus] X 2
i play video games
i play games

now its 96 nintendo 64 in the mix
what am i gonna do with all these amazing 3d graphics
by far my best child hood memory was unwrappin that present
goin H.A.M. on Mario 64 was the best!

[chorus] X 4

[verse 2.0]
2 year old sister came in the room just to watch me play
zelda ocarina of time man that really made my DzAY
switch up now i’m on a different game Golden Eye got that AK
cathing multiplayer action in the facility
Perfect Dark work of art beat you all any DzAy any DzAy
diddy kong racing no time wasting doug around the corner
banana chasing i’m ready to beat him again doesn’t matter if its in
a car or up in a plane alakazoo alakazaaaam!

[chorus] x 2

[verse 2.5]
when i was broke as hell i hoked up with a chick that had a 360
and jayvo hooked me up with a busted ps3 chopped it up for like 80
noah’s down he said pay me microsoft done went crazy now sony wanna play me!

[chorus] x 4
sonic bitch sonic